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  • PT Faculty POOL - Theater Arts (Make-up)
    Coast Community College District

    Part-time/temporary faculty positions offer flexible hours and the opportunity to assist a diverse group of adult students in achieving their educational goals. As one of the largest community college districts in southern California, we offer a wide range of opportunities in transfer, general education, vocational and occupational programs. These part-time positions are as needed and applicants should live within commuting distance to Orange County.

    [u][b]Performance Responsibilities: [/b][/u]
    1. Emphasis is placed upon the introduction and development of skills and talents required for an understanding and application of stage make-up in a theater environment. Topics include but are not limited to practical introduction to the techniques of applying theatrical make-up including
    a. basic two dimensional art techniques,
    b. color theory,
    c. chiaroscuro,
    d. anatomy of the head,
    e. corrective make-up techniques,
    f. character make-up techniques,
    g. creating fantasy make-ups,
    h. designing make-up,
    i. make-up materials and sources,
    j. procedures for make-up crew and techniques,
    k. introduction to prosthetic make-up devices.
    2. Written assignments for students may include the creation of character charts for each assignment, detailed character descriptions, theatrical production reviews and written exams demonstrating the various procedures of make-up techniques.
    3. Instructor might be requested to provide costume and/or make-up design services on a show-by-show basis as an independent contractor.
    4. Assignment may include day and evening and weekend classes.
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